Health and Wellness Tourism

How to Improve Outcomes

Health and Wellness Tourism is growing at astonishing rates. The reason it is growing is because it works. For some, there are still concerns.

The Glutathione Solution

The principles promoted on will provide a solution to the concerns some will have with health and wellness tourism.

First: Concerns about out of country vs at home care. The concerns are minimized when you consider that some patients have no choice unless it was for medical tourism. They can choose health and wellness tourism to get needed care or get no care. A prime example is the stem cell transplant.

At Penn Hospital, the average cost is in excess o $200,000. If you do not have insurance or you do not have $200,000, you will not be able to get the stem cell transplant. If you do not have it done, you will die. Or, now there is an option. For less than $35K it is possible to get the same treatment with medical travel to India.

Among the concerns with medical travel tourism is the safety of the facilities, also known as standard of care.

Second: Concerns about standards of care. The water and foods can cause challenges on their own.

Additionally there is a concern about testing and screening. The World Health Organization in 2008 reported that as of 2006, of 132 countries surveyed, 31 (a little more than 20 percent) will have screened less than 100% for one of four common infection markers: HIV, HBV, HCV, and syphilis.

The WHO report also noted that the facilities failed to or were unable to provide complete information related to the screening process.

This leaves some consumers feeling that patients are at greater risk for becoming sick from the travel rather than improving their health.

There is a simple solution that may surpass the care provided by many hospitals in your home country. That solution is next.

The GlutathioneDiseaseCure Solution

There is a simple solution. Get a medical travel package that includes these two things.

1.) Only go to those facilities that provide bloodless medicine and surgery. Research shows that the doctors who provide bloodless care are the best in the industry. Additionally, on the average bloodless patients get of the hospital one half to three days faster than those who get blood.

2.) Working with your health care team, at least one month prior to surgery, start to boost your intercellular glutathione. It is simple, economical and it will improve your healing time and decrease your risk of infection.

There is a risk with stopping the supplements cold turkey and then being treated with modern medicine. It is necessary to coordinate the use of supplements.

Review Overview of Global Travel Medical Provider

Cosmetic, plastic surgery and dental work can be obtained by facilities with very good reputations from medical facilities in Central and South American. (Hancock, 2006; Schult, 2006; Woodman, 2007).

Orthopedic and cardiac surgeries can be obtained from well prepared centers in Asia, Thailand, India, and Israel. Large numbers of foreign patients are filling these centers. They continue to do this because of successful outcomes.

More importantly for you as a consumer, these facilities have large, modern medical facilities staffed by well-trained physicians and nurses and health care staff. They are performing minimally invasive/off-pump heart surgery, correction of congenital cardiac abnormalities in children, thoracic organ transplantation, and implantation of mechanical cardiac devices (Appleby & Schmidt, 2006; Lancaster, 2004).

Thailand in particular has a reputation for having modern, high-tech facilities providing excellent quality medical care, and superior hospitality services (Horowitz et al., 2007; Horowitz & Rosensweig, 2007).

Likewise, India has a very good reputation as a health and wellness tourism destination. They are known for high quality health care in several major hospitals (Connell, 2006; Horowitz & Rosensweig).

Israel is a popular, medical tourism destination because of its reputation for the high standards of care provided by caregivers (Edelheit, 2008; Fried & Harris, 2007).

Israel also happens to have a geographically ideal location with easy flight access from Europe, Africa, and Asia. Many of Israel’s health care facilities are in the forefront of research and maintain contacts with major medical and scientific research centers around the globe.

Look for a medical travel agency USA that is networked with health care facilities that are experienced with and trained in Bloodless medicine and surgery. Additionally, look for an agency that will accept complimentary alternative modalities.

With this you will get the best health care team and decrease the risks and increase the ability to heal if you become a user of health and wellness tourism.

The Importance of Glutathione and Surgery

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