Gout Treatment Cures

To fully appreciate gout treatment cures requires looking at all related challenges presented by this disease.

Clues to Find a Treatment That Will Work

This is an overview of traditional medical gout treatment cures and the education you might get if a nurse was educating you in the doctors office. Also included is what your nurse could not tell you but you might want to know. Natural gout remedies (or gout remedies) will be covered in another section. Here we will cover current medical gout symptoms and treatment.

This will provide the clues to help you find a treatment that will work.

Why do you need to know this?

It is said, "The best thing you can do for your health is what you will do." To pursue a natural approach to healing and improving your health, you need to know the options. You may want to know why. You should want to know how. Considering the traditional before looking at the alternative may help you to best decide how to proceed.

Remember that the definition of gout was a painful buildup of uric acid that is not eliminate from the blood. That build up is deposited, usually in dependent joints and forms into crystalline structures that cause inflammation and pain.

First the Basics

There are five vital signs that Nurses look for when assessing a patient. Temperature, pulse, respiration, bowel sounds and Pain. In a painful gout attack, we can assume the first four are with in acceptable limits. The fifth is the primary concern.

Pain can be managed with a medicine that reduces or eliminates the pain. Another way of treating pain is eliminate the reason for the pain. You know, “Doc, it hurts when I do this.” Doc says, “Then don’t do that.” Since the pain comes from a build up of crystals due to too much uric acid, getting rid of the uric acid would also be necessary.

This is the traditional thinking of those who propose gout treatment cures. However, there is more going on, much more.

According to an Italian study as the author translates, "evidence that gout and hyperuricaemia (too much uric acid in the blood) are metabolic defects which are not limited to purine biosynthesis, but involve also other sections of metabolism."

This means that to some degree, there is a need to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms.

If you desire something more, care beyond the current health care system treatments, you will need to become an educated consumer.

As mentioned by the doctor above, the 'other metabolism' is referred to in numerous studies. One of the others is a tripeptide called glutathione. As is with most disease processes, there is a decrease in glutathione in patients with gout.

This means that one of the things that may help with treating when other things are not working would be to boost your glutathione levels. This will help for varied reasons. First, consider the most common treatments.

Gout Treatment Cures

Pain Relief

Pain relief can be addresses with prescription medication or over the counter medications. Ibuprofen is the most often used and perhaps considered the most effective. The problem, pain medication masks the problem. If you do not feel your body when damage is taking place, it does not mean the damage is not taking place. You just don’t feel it.

A more novel way of managing the pain and symptoms as explored in 2008. Use of oral prednisolone or naproxen in the treatment of gout arthritis.

This study proposed an alternative to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and colchicine, the standard treatment of gout arthritis. Both are associated with and may produce gastrointestinal, renal, and cardiovascular adverse effects. The study looked at systemic corticosteroids as an alternative.

The results, "Oral prednisolone and naproxen are equally effective in the initial treatment of gout arthritis over 4 days."

The problem is, the damage is continuing only now you have two ways to not feel the damage that is taking place.


Another of the traditional gout treatment cures is to treat the inflammation. There are a number of treatments to accomplish this. One of the most interesting is probably a few thousand years old. It involves using mud.

Is Mud an Anti-inflammatory?

A more common sense treatments of modern medicine is giving anti-inflammatory medications. There is a big problem here. One of the most common anti-inflammatory medication also depletes your body of glutathione. So you can successfully treat side effects of the crystals damaging your soft tissues while they continue to do the damage.

Again, this does not stop the damage from taking place and ends up depleting the body of the things that can heal it, the intercellular glutathione.

An interesting side note: If you overdose on this anti-inflammatory drug, the cure is to give you a drug that dramatically boosts your glutathione. The glutathione thing is so powerful, it has prevented some from needing liver transplants.

Dilute the Uric Acid

One of the best theories on water to heal is found in the book, "Your Bodies Many Cries for Water" The doctor recommends working up to half your body weight (body weight in pounds) in ounces of water. So a 250 pound man would drink almost 8 bottles of 16 ounces each. A daunting task you think.

If you drink one on awaking (great if you want to recall your dreams from last night and then one about a half hour prior to breakfast you will have two down.

Between breakfast and lunch one. Then before lunch go for number four. In the afternoon you would drink number 5. Before supper number 6. After supper at least a few hours, number 7 and the final one an hour before bed.

In addition to being one of the most basic gout treatment cures it will help you lose weight. You could potentially flush a pound of weight off per week.

This is only about 16 ounces for every two hours your awake. Imagine being 50 pounds lighter in a year.

Dietary Modifications

This is so essential to controlling gout, we will be devoting an entire page to it. What are the foods with elevated pruines you will need to avoid? We will have that for you here.

Surgery and Gout Treatment Cures

Sometimes surgery will help. This may be the only way to remove the damage causing crystallized deposits and repair the joint. You will have to talk to your surgeon about this. Make sure and write down any questions you may have.

In my experience, most patients forget 90% of what they want to ask when actually talking with the surgeon. I know this because I am a nurse and see it happen.

Believe it or not, some surgeons will actually appreciate you asking. They like educated patients. This means better outcomes because you will be more compliant.


There is a lot of literature on cherries and the benefit they produce. Some studies say as few as 20 cherries could help. Some have found cherry juice concentrate as one of the most effective gout treatment cures.

For many it works, for others it does not. What could be the difference? This will be discussed in the natural gout remedies.

In the next section we will cover the natural gout treatment cures. Using some basic knowledge, some medical advice and common sense, there is a gout treatment cure that may work for you.

Red Light Therapy

The new kid on the gout pain relief block is Red Light Therapy. In my practice, it has worked for 98% of the people I have provided care for. When it does not work, there is often a simple reason, dehydration or some other form of deficiency. Once corrected, it works.

On a positive side, it will work in as little as 35 min to one day. The down side is it may only last for 5 days. All this means is you need to reapply the light until the cause of the pain is healed and then only a maintenance self treatment would be needed.

There are basically three forms of red light therapy. Red LED, Near Infrared LED and Low Level Laser (also known as Cold Laser). All are available for consumer use. All are expensive, with Red LED the cheapest of the three. The best value is the combo of Red LED and Near Infrared.

More Benefits of Red Light Therapy

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