What is Glutathione?

What is it? What Does it Do? What's in it for You?

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The tri-peptide glutathione or (GSH) is a combination of the amino acids glutamate (glutamic acid), L-cysteine, and glycine. Each and every cell in the body takes these raw ingredients to manufacture GSH. It is a very small protein (made of three amino acids) and is essential for life. It serves to protect the body at the cellular level.

This video will give you a quick over view from a doctor.

A Video about GSH, what it is and what it does. Please come back when you finish watching. There is more.

The GSH in each cell has numerous functions. The three most important jobs are antioxidant, immune booster and detoxifier.

When a patient is brought into the hospital with Tylenol overdose, the treatment of choice involves elevating the GSH with a fast acting but short lived drug known as NAC or also sold under the brand name Mucamyst.

Can I Take a GSH Supplement?

The general consensus from the experts on GSH is that you cannot take a supplement and build up your GSH levels within your body. However, research has shown that some, with extended consumption over several months did see an increase in GSH>

There is only one way to build and get the benefits of GSH. You need to take cysteine in a form that your body can use.

How Come I Have Never Heard of Glutathione?

Although known about for years, it has eluded intense study until the last decade of the 20th century. Scientists looked at what it did and sought to find out how to use this molecule to enhance the health and wellness within the human body.

Studies in the most delicate of bodies with a most unfortunate disease included children infected with HIV and in full blown AIDs.

Also clinical trials with Parkinson’s, prostate cancer, lung cancer, improving the effects of chemotherapy in treating cancer, various lung diseases, wound healing, and athletic performance Enhancement were undertaken.

The results of these studies were and still are exciting. The results will change the way many think about disease, health and wellness as it did for the individuals who were in the clinical trials. They will be discussed in length in other parts here on the Glutathione Disease Cure web site.

Why do some disregard such a breakthrough? History of the Caduceus vs Asclepius looks at the irony of the symbolism medicine chose to represent itself and how that irony has become art imitating life.

Health Care Politics and the Flat Earth Myth considers another reason why health care is slow to accept it.

Here are some additional aspects of GSH you may be interested in.

What are the Glutathione Side Effects? Consider what the well known Physicians Desk Reference has to say about the bonded whey protein used to boost GSH levels. Are there any side effects you need to be concerned with? Find out here.

Glutathione can be boosted by supplements. N-acetylcysteine is one.

What are Acetylcysteine Side Effects? Why you need to know.

More What is Glutathione? This is a more comprehensive view of this master antioxidant and how it helps with our health and wellness.

Information on GSH is growing on a daily basis. There is a lot of information and misinformation. Become an educated consumer when it comes to building intercellular levels of GSH within your body. Above all, learn how to include holistic natural healthcare in your overall health and wellness program.

Glutathione can't do everything. You will come across some who are quite positive about it. Their zeal and passion are admirable. However, it will not bring peace on earth, end global warming, reduce the price of gas at the pumps nor will it benefit everyone who takes it.

Is GSH a cure for diseases?

Increasing GSH levels, although many consider it a big gun, it is none the less, only a gun in our health care arsenal.

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