Glutathione Treatments for Depression

The glutathione treatments for depression provides a simple easy way to eliminate for some, what is a debilitating condition.

An Effective Treatment for Depression

Many have discovered what seems to be an effective depression treatment. Glutathione will put depression in its place. This treatment is backed up by scientific research you will see below. It is simply boosting the glutathione with supplemental glutathione cofactors (the things that help you make glutathione).

First consider what a study from Biological Psychiatry has to say.

Cysteine for Depressive Symptoms is an published study in Biological Psychiatry, November, 2008 1;64(9):e1.

The full title: N-acetyl cysteine for depressive symptoms in bipolar disorder--a double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trial.

The study noted that both depression and bipolar disorder are complicated by glutathione depletion. They started with the premise that N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), a precursor of glutathione, could improve the depressive emotions felt in bipolar disorder.

The study was randomized, double blind multi-center placebo study of people with bipolar disorder. They were treated with NAC given adjunctive (to improve the benefits of) to their usual treatment.

They were measured on a depression rating scale, a time to a mood episode, Bipolar Depression Rating Scale and 11 other ratings of clinical status including quality of life, and functioning.

The study found that

NAC treatment resulted in significant improvement. In all but one of the measurements it worked in a frame of 2 to 20 weeks. The depression treatments were found results considered good to great in over 3/4 of the measurements.

You will read in the abstract that the conclusion was that NAC appears to be a safe and effective augmentation strategy for depressive symptoms in bipolar disorder.

However there was a flaw in the study. Well, a flaw of sorts.

The method of administration of NAC and the effectiveness of the NAC was limited to the quality of what would be typically purchased over the counter at a health food store. This limits the benefit of the product compared to taking NAC with other cofactors.

There currently are formulations of NAC (combinations) and Cysteine that have been clinically proven to boost glutathione far above the levels that can be obtained from just the generic variety of NAC.

In effect, the NAC is augmented to be more effective. To be sure, most people give it at least a month to two months to see if it is effective for them. Although many will find it works in three days to a week, anecdotal experiences have found that it can take up to two months to realize the full effectiveness.

The Glutathione Treatments For Depression

The effectiveness of these alternative treatments for depression come from a novel approach. Help the body to get into a state of health and the mental health will follow on its own.

Bottom line, be patient. What do you have to lose, well, besides your depression.

The glutathione treatments for depression include using both an all natural approach of bonded whey protein isolate and NAC. If using NAC, to get the maximum effect would require using an enhanced formulation.

To get maximum benefit it will require avoiding neruo-toxins.

Detrimental Diet

If this is so good then why is it that everybody is not all over the glutathione treatments for depression?

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