The Glutathione Lung Cancer Connection

Is there a glutathione lung cancer protection connection? Is boosting your glutathione a possible cure for lung cancer? Well, you would have a hard time convincing some of the families of patients who had to fire their hospice agency because they got better from stage 4 lung cancer.

Lung cancer or cancer lungs the abnormal growth of cell tissue in the lungs is the most common reason for cancer death in men. It is second only to breast cancer in women.

The growth of these cells if unchecked or if surgically removed may spread to adjacent lung tissue or to other areas of the body. This is called metastasis.

As to the lung cancer glutathione connection. Well, it has proved to be a better option than hospice. The cancer curative benefits of boosting your GSH have been reported on such reputable websites as WebMD.

The same Doctor quoted there treated a 82 year old stage 4 lung cancer patient with bonded whey protein type of cysteine. She did die, only it was about 12 years later at 92 years of age.

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Pathophysiology of Lung Cancer What are the workings of cancer.

Types of lung cancer

Types of Primary Lung Cancer

Primary Lung Cancer (cancer that begins in the lungs)
Secondary Lung Cancer (cancer having spread to the lungs)

Several Types - Two Groups

Two Main Groups The division of groups is due to the treatment options.

*Small cell lung cancer: often widespread by time of diagnosis, treatment usually limited to chemo therapy and or radiation. 17% of lung cancer diagnosis's.

*Non-small cell lung cancer: Surgery is an option.
80% of lung cancer diagnosis’s.

The Types

Small cell carcinoma (also known as oat cell carcinoma; made up of unspecialized, undifferentiated, small cells) Often associated with smoking.

Squamous cell carcinoma (cancer of the surface cells of the lungs or bronchi (called epithelium).

Adenocarcinoma (cancer of tissue of glands)

adenocarcinoma lung survival
adenocarcinoma of the lung
adenocarcinoma lung cancer

Large cell carcinoma (lung cancer made of large cells that often appear in the bronchi).

Broncho-alveolar carcinoma

Mixed and undifferentiated pulmonary carcinomas.

Stages of Lung Cancer What are lung cancer stages?
How is staging lung cancer made?
What is advanced stage lung cancer?
What are the symptoms lung cancer?

Staging of Lung Cancers

What is stage 1 lung cancer?
What is stage 2 lung cancer?
What is stage 3 lung cancer?
What is stage 4 lung cancer?
What are stage 4 lung cancer treatments?

Facts About Cancer

Some facts on lung cancer.

More information about lung cancer.

The Glutathione Lung Cancer Connection

History of Lung Cancer

How to Prevent Lung Cancer

how to prevent lung cancer
survival rates for lung cancer
life expectancy lung cancer
lung cancer life expectancy.

Risk Factors for Cancer

What are the risk factors for lung cancer?
What are the lung cancer risk factors?
What will help with the prevention of lung cancer? More of the glutathione lung cancer cure information yet to come.

What's to Come

There are a number of studies showing the benefits of glutathione in the treatment of lung cancer. One woman diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer (under old staging criteria) was treated with whey protein isolate. She was 82. She did eventually die. She was 94 and died of age related complications and not cancer. This treatment was under the care of a doctor who pioneered the use of whey protein to increase glutathione in the body.

Where to Get GSH Boosting Whey Protein Isolate for Lung Cancer?

Where to Get N-Acetylcysteine for Lung Cancer?

Glutathione Disease Cure: Glutathione Lung Cancer Connection Resource

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