What are the Glutathione Cofactors?

Glutathione Cofactors. What are they and where do you get them?

Glutathione Cofactors: A Body Tune-Up

There are a number of cofactors that will help the body convert the raw materials into glutathione.

To appreciate the need for these along with dietary enhancement of the glutathione precursors, think of your car.

Occasionally some will say that they are going to just try improving the cysteine intake first and see how that works for them. There is some evidence suggesting that just cysteine alone can produce health improvements. Would this be the best way to try it out?

Consider this. Would you use the same logic to tune up your car? Would you go to your mechanic and ask him to only change the spark plugs and see if that helped your fuel economy. Then if that did or did not work, would you then ask him to perhaps change the air filter? After that, then the fuel filter?

Perhaps after seeing the results you had the spark plug wires changed.

Each and every step may or may not bring about a benefit. However, with out a doubt, all the changes collectively will improve your fuel economy.

If you would not take care of your car piece-meal, why would we want to do this with our body? So much of what we do for health is not just one thing, rather, it is the sum of the parts of the things we do.

In the case of glutathione, some forms of it are selenium dependent. This means to make those kinds of GSH, we also need to consume foods rich in selenium. Your daily selenium can be had from 3 Brazil nuts.

Co-factors to Boost Glutathione


Many doctors have their prostate cancer patients take 200 mcg daily of this essential element. In the hospital, we also give 200 mcg to burn patients to promote healing. Why? Because we need it to create the certain kinds of GSH. Do you know the dietary ways to get additional selenium without taking supplements?

As noted above, just 3 Brazil Nuts provide what you need. Try to get organic nuts.

additionally, you will need to increase your B vitamins. Here are some links to help you discover ways you can get the GSH boosting essential B's.

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B2 Riboflavin

Vitamin B3 Niacin

Note: it is important to use the kind that causes a flush. The no-flush kind may cause health problems in some. While some do not like the flush, it can be beneficial when combined with a hot shower. Do a web search on this topic to learn of additional benefits beyond producing GSH.

Vitamin B6

Also known as pyridoxine. In addition to helping prevent you from being grumpy or depressed, it is suggested that it will help prevent prevent Parkinson's disease and improve and aid dream recall.

Vitamins B9 (Folic Acid, especially helps with blood production) and B12

Vitamin E (this must be cold processed to have any dietary value)


Here's a Magneisum Bicarbonate Recipe It is a concentrate, so you will only add a little to your drinking water every time you drink. If you have gout pain or pseudo gout, or headaches, this may be all you need.

Another way to get it is through liquid chlorophyll. We do not like to recommend any one product over another. However, after trying several, the one that hands down was best was DeSousa's. We do not get paid for recommending or profit in any way. One thing we do not like about it is how it pours. There is always a drip, so be careful.


Best to get food grade if you are getting supplements.

If you are trying to boost your Glutathione then you can enhance the production by taking these glutathione co-factors. Most are available in the foods we eat. Others will need to be taken by supplementation.

Where is dietary Cysteine available?

The most important way to boost glutathione is through diet. In addition to the glutathione co-factors, you need cysteine. Find out all the foods that have cysteine in it.

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