The Glutathione GSH Level DIY Blood Test

Why are they Not Worth the Cost?

You will see numerous sites on the web offering to give you your glutathione GSH level. Some think that this will tell them where they are.

They only cost about $20 to $40 for a test. This is rather inexpensive as far as tests go. It is also inexpensive for a new test which these are.


Are They Any Good?

According to the worlds leading expert on Glutathione (GSH), Dr Jimmy Gutman, you can save your money. They are inherently inaccurate and they provide no benefit to you as a consumer.

To get a true level, it would require getting the sample out of the blood within a short time after the blood was drawn. This would make the cost closer to about $200 to $400.

Even if you have the money to pay to find what your GSH levels are, what would you have? You would know what you already know. You would know that your glutathione levels are low. Everybody experiences a drop related to age.

More importantly, the stress that causes the body to use up it's GSH stores is varied for each of us. Knowing that it is low does not change the need to boost our GSH levels to optimize our health.

Additionally, glutathione is constantly in a state of being used or created. At any given time, you could be low only to increase it once you satisfy your bodies needs. We nourish our body to meet the needs of our body.


Finally, we know many disease processes use up or result in GSH depleted states. Again, the best use of your personal resources would be to raise our GSH blood levels. Rather than worrying about how much you have, constantly work to make it better.

A Simple Way to Boost GSH Levels

How to Boost Your Glutathione

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