What it Is and Why it is Essential

Glutamine (abbreviated as Q or Gin) is an essential part of our absorption and processing of proteins. When it comes to health although it is not an essential amino acid, in illness or injury it is considered conditionally essential for the body.

More importantly, to understanding how we maintain health, Q is an essential part of nitrogen metabolism. This is how the bodies insurgent free radicals are subdued, arrested and exiled. It also is a nitrogen donor in some instances.

It is also an essential part of glutathione. Since glutathione plays a major role in helping the body fight disease, is the bodies own antioxidant, and manages the the cellular detoxification, Q becomes essential in a unique way. It has the potential to help us boost our glutathione.

When faced with many disease processes the glutathione is shown to play a role in fighting and protecting us.

Since Q is one of the three parts of the tri-peptide glutathione, how do we get it and what does it do in the body? First, it may not be necessary to run out and buy supplements. We get plenty in our diet.

Food Sources of Glutamine

Dietary sources include meat, poultry, eggs, dairy products, and fish.

What Glutamine Does

It is one of the essential ingredients for DNA synthesis and protein synthesis.

It is essential in muscle growth and helps reduce muscle catabolism.

It is a precursor for some types of immune cells (aids in immune function).

Helps regulate acid-base balance in kidneys.

Is an alternative source of brain fuel.

Helps the brain to block cortisol induced protein catabolism.

How Our Body Uses It

In illness and injury states like trauma, burns, cancer it is essential to healing. Weightlifters, body builders, and endurance sports enthusiast use it for muscle growth and endurance enhancement.

Some studies show that it aids in the maintenance of the gut including reducing septic shock and relieving the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

It helps reduce the post operative healing time especially in those patients having abdominal surgery.

The Most Important Function

Glutamine is one of the three part of the tri-peptide Glutathione. Since it is readily available in our diet, many experts feel it is not necessary to take supplements. However, depending on the disease state, it is something to discuss with your doctor.

Because it is an essential component of glutathione, it is essential to get it in our diet. The best form is from the foods we eat. Most people already get adequate amounts in their diet.

Note: Do not confuse the one letter abbreviation Q with the Co-enzyme Co Q 10. They are not the same.

More On How To Boost Your Glutathione

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