Glaucoma and Glutathione:

Overview of Glaucoma Symptom to Treatment

Of the 69 diseases and conditions that benefit from increasing glutathione, the glaucoma and glutathione connection is one of the more impressive.

Glaucoma and Glutathione: The Science

The Glutathione Glaucoma Cure (1 of 6) There are scientific studies you can find on PubMed about this topic. Is there really a cure?

Additionally, anecdotal reports indicate that some are experiencing improved vision by boosting their glutathione but not all. For many, boosting glutathione can result in stopping the progression of glaucoma.

Note: Cure is a legal term in the United States. Legally, only federal government agencies can say that a treatment is a cure or not. So, by legal definition, boosting glutathione is not a cure. Additionally, our experience in dealing with glaucoma and glutathione is that it does not help everyone although those who it does help experience remarkable results. Our theory as to why it does not work for some involves a fluid and electrolyte imbalance.

The solution for hydration can be found in the Water Cures Protocol.

This section will look at all things glaucoma glutathione. Understanding the background, symptoms and current treatments will help to make sense of how glutathione helps with the eyes in general and with glaucoma specifically.

Eyes Glutathione (2 of 6) The glutathione eye connection.

The doctor is going to determine if you have secondary or primary glaucoma.

Secondary glaucoma is caused by a disease process like diabetes or by head injury, use of steroids or cataracts. So the glaucoma is secondary to something else.

Primary glaucoma is caused by a defect within the eye.

It is essential to tell your eye doctor what ever diseases you have, like diabetes or even something unusual. These can make a difference in the effectiveness of the treatment.

Also tell what medications you are on, what supplements you take and what herbs and minerals you use.

Symptoms of Glaucoma (3 of 6)

The symptoms depend on the type of glaucoma, primary or secondary.

Once it is decided if it is primary...the next step is define which kind of primary.

Primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG)

Primary angle-closure glaucoma (PACG)

Normal tension glaucoma (NTG)

Once the type of glaucoma is diagnosed, a treatment will be prescribed.

Medical Glaucoma Treatments (4 of 6) Many of the current medical treatments.

Ulterior Glaucoma Symptoms (5 of 6) Oxidative stress and glaucoma.

Glaucoma Cures from Boosting Glutathione (6 of 6) Currently being researched.

There is more to come as new research on glutathione and glaucoma emerge.

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