Gasoline Related Blood Disease

When it comes to gasoline related blood disease, if you are affected, you need to know about glutathione and how it can protect and help heal.

You Say Gasoline Related Blood Disease, I Say Petrol

Depending on the part of the world you are from, it could be called petrol related blood disease. The study looks at three men and their exposure to gasoline using gas to wash car parts or siphoned gas from gas tanks priming the siphon hose by suctioning with their mouth. This not only exposed their skin, it also exposed their oral mucous membranes and lungs to the vapors. The most dangerous chemical in gasoline being benzine.

They had 30-50 years from the beginning of exposure to on set of disease. There were between 3-17 years following cessation of exposure to onset of disease.

In all cases of hematological (blood) disease potentially related to benzene, any form of contact with gasoline, even if exposure was uncommon, should be carefully researched.

Study looking at a potential anti-convulsive had some interesting findings.

The study “clearly implicated the role of free radicals in ...a certain kind of induced convulsion...” More importantly, it also “...explained the possible mechanism of protective effect of...GSH...”.

Benzine in Gasoline and Leukemia

There is a risk of acute meyloidal leukemia occurring in people who are exposed to benzine.

Benzene, a solvent used in the rubber production, oil refineries, chemical plants, shoe manufacturing, and gasoline-related industries. It can also be found in cigarette smoke, motor vehicle exhaust, certain glues, cleaning products, detergents, art supplies, and paints.

What Can Be Done

GSH is known to be a detoxifier. It can offer protection beyond just the detoxification. Eating a diet that helps boost glutathione will help. Also, managing the water and electrolyte balance will help. The electrolyte best serving the cleansing of the body is unprocessed sea salt. You can learn more about this at

The connection between glutathione detoxifying and providing protective effects against the detrimental properties of benzine is strong. Many who have even a casual exposure to benzine or gasoline products may benefit from boosting their intracellular glutathione.

There is no study that looks at those who have been exposed and then, after the onset of symptoms has tried to boost their glutathione. But there are studies that show glutathione is a powerful detoxifier.

Perhaps the information about the gasoline or petrol related blood diseases should serve as a warning.

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