Fluoride Poison

The Ultimate Antidote

The toxic effects resulting from fluoride poison we drink in our water are well documented for over 50 years now. We will discuss the toxic effects and at the end the ultimate antidote.

Fluoride poisoning is something that potentially affects us all. Yet it is only one of many things we need to modify if we will effect the best aging management or anti-aging we can.

It has been linked to Down’s Syndrome and the more water consumed the greater the increase in number of babies born with this syndrome.

It is also linked to bone depletion.

Rev Med Interne. 1989 Mar-Apr;10 has a study...Bone complications during the treatment of osteoporosis with fluoride.

The study was of 14 women with osteoprosis being treated with 23 milligrams per day of fluoride ions for 12 months. The collectively developed 21 fractures related to lack of bone density.

Fluoride and Thyroid Disease

Hyperthyroidism increases the risk as it causes bones to loose their density. Here is what was interesting....and this is a direct copy of the abstract....

"The decalcification associated with hyperthyroidism facilitates the occurrence of bone insufficiency fractures, as do treatments with high doses of fluoride, inadequate calcium supplement intake (observed in 5 cases) ......."

It went on to suggest that..."Repeated measurements of blood and urinary fluoride levels during treatment make it possible to adjust fluoride dosage, and lower doses (14 mg/day of fluorine ions) might reduce the incidence of the adverse effects of fluoride on bone."

Hmmm, reduce the fluoride intake and reduce the bone loss. Novel idea. Only thing is that studies like the one on the resulting in babies being born with Downs Syndrome demonstrate the more you take in the more you build up in your system.

Taking in less only means it will take longer to have an effect.

Another Fluoride Poison Study.

Skeletal Fluorosis in Humans: Progress in Understanding the Disease

The study indicates that this chronic metabolic bone and joint disease is caused by an ulterior toxin called fluoride. Here is what is interesting about this study....

It says it is ...."caused by ingesting large amounts of fluoride either through water or rarely from foods (Note which foods below) of endemic areas. Fluoride is a cumulative toxin which can alter accretion and resorption of bone tissue."

The study, which you should try to read... only made the situation worse as it continued.

Most important is that it is affecting our children. It said...."Osteosclerotic picture is evident when small doses of fluoride are ingested over a long period of time..." and this even with normal calcium intake.

Fluorosis is preventable. Simply do not drink fluoridated water. Well, at least you would think. Fluoride is prevalent in many foods.

Fluoride and Hypothyroidism

It more recently has been linked with the near epidemic hypothyroidism rates in the US.

In a previously mentioned study above it was noted that fluoride is used to treat hyperthyroidism. It closely mimics thyrotropin. So if you were to look up the symptoms of hypothyroidism you would also find a similar list of the symptoms of fluoride poisoning.

Fluoride and Iodine

Fluoride and iodine are antagonists so that an excess of fluoride could decrease the uptake of iodine. This could result in brain damage and may be a cause of the mental disability many experience.

Which Foods

And, just when you thought it was safe to go back onto the water...Is there Fluoride in Your Tea?

Skeletal Fluorosis from Brewed Tea

The study found that the problem resulted in drinking 1-2 gallons daily for more than three decades. The abstract did not note if the water was fluoridated or not. What is of interest is that the study found....

Poor quality brick tea could be the source of fluoride. "The plant source of brick, black, green, orange pekoe, and oolong tea...can contain substantial amounts of F(fluoride)."

This equated to 10 mg per gallon or 1.6 mg per tall glass of ice tea. Is that too much?

How Much is Too Much

The levels set as safe were 1 part per million or 1 mg per liter of water. So assuming you drank four glasses of water a day you would get 1 mg of fluoride.

However, all the foods prepared with water end up with fluoride in them.

So an English study found that 32 to 59 of the fluoride intake came from foods they ate. The numbers were dependent on the amount of fluoridated water they drank. The 32% came from areas that did not have fluoridated water.

A University of Iowa study several years ago found that close to 3/4 of all soft drinks contained 0.60 ppm fluoride. Adding toothpaste, processed foods and supplements, the daily intake was at 8mg/day.

At first glance you might think that this is 8 times the optimal level. There is another problem. The original study is being called into question. With all this fluoride, it seems like cavities should be nonexistent. One interesting note to all of this....the studies reassessing the problem are mostly from other countries.

Interactions with Fluoride

It gets worse. How does fluoride compounds interact with other additives that may be in water? The majority of studies look at sodium fluoride.

However to save money many communities are using less expensive forms such as silicofluoride, hydrofluosilicic acid or sodium silicofluoride.

In 1999 a study on AlkalizeForHealth.net, "Fluoride and Neurotoxic Metal Absorpton" found that fluoridated water water can increase the transport of heavy metals across the gut-blood and blood-brain barriers, increasing rates of toxic uptake. The result is brain damage and behavioral dysfunction.

What about Aluminum Fluoride

Aluminum compounds are used to clarify the water. Studies show that the aluminum is absorbed by both the brain and the bones.

Another study found that "Fluoride & Aluminum in Water = Brain Cell Damage" looked at this problem and found that the two are readily absorbed. The study found Alzheimer’s like brain memory dysfunction and severe kidney damage.

What would this be with out a list of the symptoms?

Fluoride Poisoning Symptoms

Fluoride Poisoning Symptoms vs Thyroid Dysfunction Symptoms

The Future of Fluoride

Thing are changing but slowly. The responsibility falls upon you to become a educated consumer.

Many communities are eliminating the fluoride poison risk by not adding it to their water supplies.

If not yours there are things you can do.

Buy water free of fluoride or get a filter that eliminates fluoride from the water.

Use toothpaste that does not have fluoride. Especially for kids.

Fluoride Detoxification with Glutathione

Glutathione is the master detoxifier of the body. This should be no less an effect with fluoride poison. More importantly, the other problems caused by fluoride poisoning also be reduced or eliminated, such as aluminum accumulation in the brain.

There are studies that seem to show that boosting your glutathione can eliminate the accumulation of aluminum in the brain.

In the research paper looking at the The Role of Glutathione it found that glutathione and melatonin had a protective effect.

How can you benefit from this information? Learn more on how to boost your glutathione.

Start by discovering: What is Glutathione?

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