Etymology of Trichotillomania

The etymology of trichotillomania is included here because trichotillomania is such an unusual word, even as far as medical terminology goes.

Etymology id defined as the study of the origination of words. It includes the way that these meanings have changed, the historical use and development of their meanings in use throughout history.

First the definition of trichotillomania.

Trichotillomania Defined

Trichotillomania is an impulse control disorder that involves pulling the hair on ones own body. Pulling often results in the hair being pulled out.

Trichotillomania is also known as TTM or Trichotillosis or trich.

It can also be described as an obsessive-compulsive disorder, a habit, a tic disorder or an addiction.

Since neurological medications help with this condition, the logical conclusion is that there is a biological neurological component to this condition.

The part of the word trichotillomania that is most familiar is the mania.

Trichotillomania comes from ancient Greek.

Broken down, thriks means hair,

trikhos is the genative

till means ....I pull out, pluck....

mania means....madness

This is the basics on the etymology of trichotillomania.

Beyond the trichotillomania etymology, there is some more information on trich that you might be interested in. One of the big things is a treatment that works in over 55% of those who have used it. It has no bad side effects.

What is Trichotillomania takes a look at the condition. Is it a disease, condition. Is it psychological or mental. We have a different theory?

Treatment for Trichotillomania looks at what is being done and what is working. There is a new treatment on the block. Only thing, it is not a medicine!

Cause of Trichotillomania looks at the background of Trich.

Trichotillomania Help will introduce you to some of the places you can get support and help.

Trichotillomania Support There are numerous support groups. If your are a group or know of one, please drop us a line and let us know where you are so we can list you here.

More Trichotillomania Help

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