Effects of Nuclear Radiation: Alpha Radiation

Of the least to worry about when it comes to the effects of nuclear radiation is Alpha radiation.

The Effects of Nuclear Radiation: Alpha Radiation

A type of ionizing radiation (as it passes through a substance, the radiation particle can remove one or more of the electrons converting the atom it passes into an ion). They were discovered in 1899. They are considered to be heavy (although you may wonder who would want to weigh them). They have an atomic number of at least 82 (which is the number of lead). And they are very slow, traveling through air at 1/20th the speed of light. Well, slow for radiation.

Alpha radiation is not able to penetrate clothing, paper, or even the outer layers of dead skin. So unless you have an open wound, inhale or ingest them, they are for the most part safe. If inhaled, swallowed or absorbed through open wounds, then alpha radiation can be harmful to humans.

Alpha radiation can only travel a short distance of a few centimeters (a few inches) in air before they lose their energy. When their energy is used up, they pick up free electrons and become helium.

The following is a list of Alpha Emitters

Alpha Emitter / Atomic Number

americium-241 / 95 is used in some smoke detectors

plutonium-236 / 94

uranium -238 / 92

thorium -232 / 90

radium -226 / 88 one kind used to treat cancer.

radon -222 / 86

polonium -210 / 84 is a static eliminator in the paper industry.

Alpha Radiation Dangers

If the emitters of alpha radiation are inhaled, swallowed, absorbed through open wounds or into the blood stream, they can cause harm.

The damage they do can increase the risk of cancer. The most common cancer from alpha’s is lung cancer because of how easy they are inhaled and the softness of the lung tissue.

This is the risk from breathing in air that has high levels of radon and the decaying products of radon. Many of these byproducts emit alpha radiation.

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Alpha Radiation Protection

Have your basement checked for radon. If it is present, have the appropriate protective equipment installed. Radon is a heavy gas so it will tend to settle in low lying areas.

If your having a house built, insist on having two layers of the heavier plastic and have the seams folded and stapled. This will need to be confirmed because once the concrete is poured, you will not be able to tell if it is there or not.

The concrete people will not like it. It may even cost a bit more. The concrete will take longer to dry and finish but will make for a better job. Compared to the cost of radon remediation, it will be very cheap. The reason for two layers is that the first will get small cuts as it is walked over. The second layer has a better chance of surviving until the concrete is poured.

Adequate ventilation is essential. This is often not part of basement designs.

Glutathione Implications: Only one type of glutathione boosting supplement is actually patented as a treatment to be used with radiation. Clinical trials have demonstrated that boosted glutathione levels protects the healthy cells while allowing the radiation to destroy the cancerous cells even faster.

Some have concluded that boosting your glutathione could even protect you from radiation poisoning such as exposure to alpha radiation. Since glutathione is associated with treating or managing over 68 diseases or conditions, it would seem to make good sense.

The Three Types of Radiation

Nuclear Radiation Effects: Beta Radiation considers what it is, where it comes from, and How you can protect yourself.

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Radiation Emergency Preparedness

Have a question? Share a thought. The information on the effects of nuclear radiation is extensive. In time we will provide more. Any further questions related to the three types of radiation that you would like to see covered, please contact us and make your wishes known.

More on the effects of nuclear radiation will be here in the future. Please check back.

The Effects of Nuclear Radiation: Gamma and X Radiation

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