Drink Water, Live Longer

Why is it important for you to drink water? This will be followed by how much water to drink.

Drink Water, Be Healthy, Be Happy

Chronic disease, poor health and premature aging share four commonalities. Water is directly involved in three and indirectly involved in the fourth. They are...

  • Chronic Dehydration
  • Intestinal Disorders
  • Metabolic Acidosis
  • Cellular Oxidization
  • Consider each of these and out why they are common to the diseases.

    Chronic Dehydration

    We live in a world surrounded by water and yet are chronically dehydrated. How much water we need depends a number of factors. Factors include body size, the kind of activities we engage in during the day and the ambient air temperature.

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    Intestinal Disorders

    At the hart of many diseases may be the intestinal tract. At the heart of intestinal tract are the hundreds of beneficial bacteria that help with numerous functions. When these fall out of a symbiotic relationship with our body, we enter into a state of dysbiosis or dysbacterioisis.

    Many of the related diseases or conditions can be corrected individually or by the combination of ...

  • hydration to meet the bodies needs
  • increased glutathione precursors
  • increased roughage in the die to improve GI function
  • respiratory function and GI function improvements affect each other
  • light exercise can be beneficial, strenuous exercise can cause health problems.
  • Acidosis

    Acidosis can be a life threatening condition that can easily be reversed. The simple way to reverse acidosis is drinking alkalized water. A second way would be to use baking soda, following the directions on the box. If you have kidney disease or any other metabolic disease, consult your doctor before making any changes in your routine.

    Cellular Oxidization

    The glutathione system helps the body deal with detoxification and anti-oxidization. Once the toxins or oxidants are dealt with, the byproducts need to be removed from the body.

    Meeting the bodies needs for hydration makes it possible to eliminate the waste.

    Can I Drink Too Much Water

    How Much Water to Drink?

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