Drink Too Much Water: The Risks

The reason for saying, "Don't drink too much water" is because of the risk of a fatal condition. The condition has several names including one that is the basis for a hoax. The five current terms that can result from drinking too much water include...

  • Water Intoxication
  • Hyper-hydration
  • Water Poisoning
  • Over-hydration
  • Dihydrogen monoxide poisoning (the spoof or hoax term)

If you take nothing else away, remember this....

Essential Hydration and Proper Electrolyte Supplementation

The problem discussed below is not just about drinking too much water. It is about drinking too much water and not adding the essential electrolytes.

For the Water Cures, it is essential to take a pinch of salt with each 16 oz of water you drink. Specifically 1/8th teaspoon of sea salt with every 16 ounces.

When you drink to much water the electrolytes become out of balance. When the imbalance occurs, there is a risk of brain disturbances that could could be fatal.

Don’t Worry, Drink Happy

Do not worry about drinking too much. The most common reason why people drink too much water is because they are egged on by fellow students. Thinking that drinking water is safer than drinking alcohol.

Exercise-associated hyponatraemia (EAH)

Hyponatraemia is an abnormally low sodium level in the blood. Another website says that this is also called water intoxication. We could find no dictionary definition that had indicated that this is true.

Exercise associated hyponatraemia is usually the result of taking in more fluid than what a body requires. Put another way, it is drinking more than thirst dictates.

In one study (Br Journal of Sports Medicine, 2010, Sept. 28), it was found that the runners who drank based on a schedule tended to be older, more experienced and were faster than those who only drank when they were thirsty.

If you only drink when you are thirsty, one school of thought was that you are already dehydrated.

This resulted in two opposing theories. Drinking ad libitum (drinking to thirst) and ‘zero percent dehydration doctrine.’

Better Than Sports Drinks, Better Than Water For Re-hydration

Milk as an Effective Post-exercise Rehydration Drink

Milk does not fit the diet profile we promote but this study provides an interesting alternative to expensive sports drinks. We would add that it is essential that only organic milk be consumed.

Children Athletes

In health care, there is a saying, "Children are not simply smaller versions of adults."

This is just as true when it comes to children and exercise re-hydration. Children do not sweat the same as adults.

Since this is not the focus of our site, do a keyword search on 'fluid replacement requirements for child athletes' to find more information on this.

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How Much Water to Drink?

How to Drink More Water

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