The Diseases of Aging

Who would not like to prevent the degenerative diseases of aging? The fact is our actions are not congruent with what we most want it life. Why?

We are hard wired to pursue pleasure and avoid pain. If it is pleasurable, we will gravitate toward it. To avoid things we desire causes pain.

Thus a cycle of eating foods that in reality are ulterior pain pain producers. The only thing, we don’t see it. We are fueling the aging process. Is it possible to promote anti-aging?

Rats, How Come No One Ever Told Me?

Rats are smart. Did you know that if a rat sees another rat eat poison and die it will not eat the poison? Even if it starves to death, it will not eat it.

So how do you poison a rat? Very slowly so that it will not know it is being poisoned? Thus the rat poison warfarin sodium is used. This is also the active ingredient in Coumadin, an anti-coagulant.

Some call it a blood thinner. In fact, your bloods viscosity never changes. If it did, we would die. However the med makes it not clot as good as it could. Thus eliminating some health risks and at the same time creating new ones. If you are on this drug it is important to know the foods to avoid. More importantly, it is essential to know the drug herb interactions. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist before taking anything.

Yes, before you take anything.

So rats eat enough of the warfarin that it eventually kills them but they do not know that the warfarin is poisoning them.

Ulterior Killing

Hmmm, is this some conspiracy by aliens to eradicate humans from the earth. Have us eat the foods that will kill us and we will not suspect until it is too late.

We will leave that for the conspiracy theorist to work out.

In the mean time, our lives depend on recognizing that many diseases are avoidable.

More importantly, if we have ruined our body over the years, it will take years to re-tune it and get it healthy again.

It starts by stopping the damage.

When you look at the list of avoidable diseases, there is an important factoid.

Each of these disease processes is associated with a decrease in glutathione in the body. Studies have show that by increasing glutathione, it is possible to improve health.

Most importantly, when it comes to weight loss, boosting glutathione is essential.

Preventable Degenerative Diseases of Aging

  • Abnormal Cholesterol Levels
  • Dementia (numerous types)
  • Degenerative Joint Disease
  • Depression
  • Early Menopause
  • Gerd
  • Heart Disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Obesity
  • Osteoporosis
  • Stroke
  • Type II Diabetes
  • Wrinkled Skin

What can be done?

It starts with diet.

Eating right. Eliminating the chemicals from our diet. Getting the proper exercise. Not over exercising. Getting proper rest.

There is a lot more to come on this.

Would you like to express your thoughts?

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