The Digestive Disease Glutathione Connection

The digestive disease glutathione relationship reveals numerous ways this tri-peptide benefits and protects us. More on this at the bottom.

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The Digestive Disease Glutathione Relationship

The digestive tract, starting from the mouth and going to the opposite end of the bowel is a continuum of connected organs.

Starting with the mouth we see the pink tissue next to our teeth known as the gums. This is called mucous membrane.

This is the same tissue that basically lines the entire inside of the digestive tract from beginning to end.

It is unique of all the tissues in the body in that it is the fastest healing of all tissues. It also has absorbability which means meds can be administered through it and chemical exposure can more easily penetrate it. Viruses can also get through it too.

The following are some digestive tract diseases and digestive tract disorders. The digestive glutathione relationship will follow.

Numerous studies show that glutathione protects the various organs of the digestive tract.

Glutathione can protect these from inflammation, infection, and some studies suggest it even has anti-cancer properties.

Some of these diseases only cause discomfort and inconvenience. Others may be life threatening. Unfortunately, for many, the prognosis comes after it is too late.

With a societal shift toward health and wellness, many will lower their risk factors by proactively taking charge of their health.

One way many are doing this is by improving their glutathione levels by managing their dietary intake of essential nutrients.

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