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One of the worlds leading experts on Glutathione along with other doctors treating autism by boosting glutathione could be available for such a seminar.

Information on a cure for autism education, mercury, diet, and the benefits of boosting the bodies glutathione will be discussed.

First, read the report from Dr. Gold on the results her son is attaining by boosting his glutathione (GSH).

An E-Mail related to the cure for autism education

Here's Dr. Gold's message on a cure for autism education from Friday, July 06, 2007:

Please do not hesitate to forward this to anyone whom you feel might have an interest.

This is an update on my son Mitch, with autism, and the product.

For the past five months Mitch has been taking GSH boosting product which allows the body to produce Glutathione, an amino acid which is very important for health.

Considerable research indicates that autistic persons are extremely deficient in Glutathione (GSH). A deficiency in GSH inhibits the body's ability to eliminate toxins, such as heavy metals, and can cause other health problems.

I am very conservative in recommending products and treatments for autism. I have been there, done that...too often. I will not do that to other parents. That is why I have waited all these months.

I am ready to tell you that based on Mitch's results to date, and on the scientific research, that I very much recommend this product for those with autism.

Due to it, I am certain, Mitch is slowly (the safe way) being withdrawn from his psychotropic medication and is doing better than ever.

His verbal speech has improved, he is using his letter board independently to supplement the verbal speech, and his behavior is good. He looks very well and is happy.

Altogether he is in a very good place.

In January of 2007, Mitch was failing physically and his behavior was awful. We were extremely frightened by his appearance.

At 5 feet 6 inches tall and not small boned, his weight was down to 125 pounds. He actually looked like a concentration camp victim with his shirt off...his face was sunk in.

No matter what he ate, he kept losing weight. Medical tests found nothing. But he was wasting away. Despite the tests, I thought he might have some horrible disease. I didn't know where to turn or what to do for him, and I'll be honest, I prayed for guidance.

A few days after that, I believe I had it figured out. It came to me that partially due to all the psychotropic meds he had taken over the years, his body had become so toxic that his liver was unable to remove the toxins, so his system was unable to assimilate his foods.

GSH and the Realities of a Cure for Autism Education

Fortunately about that same time, a patient, who is also a doctor and a teacher of nutrition, asked me during his session with me, how my son was, and I admitted things were not good and explained.

He said, "You have to put him on a GSH product. The research on it and autism supports it."

I was assured that this would help Mitch's body detoxify, and we'd soon know because he might get a rash at first, which he did once he was on the indicator of the poisons leaving through his skin. (they also leave through the other organs of elimination). Then as predicted, the rash vanished.

Mitch began to put weight back on, and he became content. It took until around April to see real progress in terms of changes in his behavior and appearance...I was told to be patient, that it might take 3 months because we had to work up to giving him his optimum amount of the product...

It is a powder, which gets mixed with a bit of juice. It really tastes good.

Now Mitch is normal weight and doing well. He looks great, as handsome as before.

I understand that the U T Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas is conducting new research to demonstrate the effectiveness of BWPI in lessening the symptoms of autism.

Principal investigator is Dr. Janet Kern, who joined with Dr. Jill James. Dr. James, who is noted for her landmark studies in autism and toxicology, is among the first scientists to point out the links with low GSH levels.



Note that his treatment cost over $200 a month. What if there was a better way that cost less?

If you are going to consider just one of the many dietary aids for autism, consider starting with the most basic and free ones. The ones that help the body heal itself. It starts with the foods we eat and the water we drink. Let us not leave out the salt we use must be unprocessed salt. Just as the commercially product helped Mitch, we now know there are less expensive and more effective ways to boost glutathione and improve autism health.

The challenge for many, the cost of the product she mentions is more than most families can afford. We have found a simpler, easy and in some cases, a free way to boost glutathione. These recommendations are scientifically proven and we have the testimonials that they work.

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