Colloidal Silver Side Effects

Did you know that there are colloidal silver side effects. People constantly ask me about Colloidal Silver. This caused me to do some research. Here are my findings.

We follow a simple philosophy about health. If it is normal it is healthy. If it is not something we would normally eat, it is not healthy. There are exceptions. This is one we do not suggest risking your health on.

Colloidal Silver Side Effects


The most important thing to know is that it can cause Argyria. This is a non-reversible condition where the skin turns blue or grey colored.

Secondly, you should know that it can be toxic, neurotoxic, and even cause death.

Argyria from Dietary Colloidal Silver discussed in an article found on PubMed talks about the potential for toxicity following the use colloidal silver dietary supplements.

At one time doctors (you know, the guys who don’t want you to know stuff) were using this. Then they stopped. It became an alternative treatment that is unregulated and sold by the people who say the doctor dont not want you to know mantra.

The problem: now people are turning blue. Do you really think your doctor does not want you to know this.

How is Silver Toxic

The adverse health effects of silver are dependent on how much you take, how long you take it and how you take it. So you could ingest or eat it, inhale it, apply it to your skin or possibly even get injected with it.

Did you know that your already getting silver daily. In one study from 1972 it was found that we take in, on a daily basis, about 27-88 µg just in our diet. Any supplementation is in addition to what we are already taking in.

In low doses, it is only known to cause Argyria. In high doses it can cause adverse effects including death. It can have a significant impact on the central nervous system, causing weakness and rigidity of the legs and loss of voluntary movements. It can also affect the heart, especially the cardiac conduction system. This is the wiring that makes your heart beat correctly.

It can also cause coma, pleural edema, and hemolysis. The bone marrow can likewise be affected, causing agranulocytosis. In a large enough dose, silver nitrate is lethal.

There is no association with silver or gold injections causing cancer.

Why is it Still in Use

In the United States Pharmacopeia and National Formulary, colloidal silver products have not been listed since 1975. The FDA concluded that risks associated with using silver products exceeds benefits. As of August 1999 FDA banned the use of colloidal silver or silver salts in over-the-counter products.

This ruling does not apply to products being marketed as dietary supplements. So let the buyer beware.

Now that you know the Colloidal Silver Side Effects and that it can cause Argyria, should you ever be blue, may it be a feeling and not your skin color.

The Detrimental Diet Foods to avoid to have good health.

Boost Your Glutathione There is no evidence that Glutathione could help or protect in this condition. Some studies indicate that the silver depletes the glutathione. This means there may be some benefit but again, there is no scientific proof. If you have a story, please share it here.

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