Cell Phone and Brain Cancer

Is There a Connection?

Your cell phone and brain cancer, is there a connection?

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The answer was no. For all my fellow conspiracy theorist friends that may not like the cell phone / brain cancer answer, if it makes you feel better, they may have gotten to me. However there have been some interesting developments. READ ON.

And yes, there is a Glutathione – Cell Phone - Brain Cancer protection connection. More on that at the end.

The Cell Phone and Brain Cancer Skinny

While over 220 million people use cell phones (at this writing in 2007) the potential carcinogenicity (cancer causing potential) of using a cell phone would be a serious concern. If there is a cell phone and brain cancer connection, it would be noticed.

Honestly, do you think the myriads of lawyers who are struggling to maintain their second and third homes would pass up such an opportunity if there was a relationship between the cell phone and brain cancer?

Things have been lean for many law firms in recent years. This has left not a few of this special type of lawyer second homeless. (And you thought it was hard keeping your first home.)

Cell phones use a RF (radio frequency) that is between FM radiation and your microwave oven. This range of RF is not one known to cause cancer. The cancer causing type of radiation are usually of the ionizing variety and have the ability to alter DNA.

This means that if cell phones cause brain cancer they would have to have an entirely different type of radiation. But lets not get ahead of ourselves. What about the RF that we absorb into our skin?

The amount of RF absorbed from the phone into your body is measured as the Specific Absorption Rate or SAR. The most SAR allowed is 1.6 watts per kg of body weight. This is just the rating.

A second factor to determine exposure risk would be how many times and how long you use the phone each time. By the way, the newer digital cell phones have the lowest SAR and older analog phones have a higher exposure risk for users.

Ok, but Do Cell Phones Cause Brain Cancer?

The often touted Swedish Study would seem to suggest there is a cell phone brain cancer connection. In the past you could have found the study at www.medscape.com/MedGenMed/braintumors/. However, it is no longer available. Who knows why. I discovered it in 2008.

Note: At this writing, the information is based on the current kind of cell phones. There are more advanced forms on the horizon which will have different health risks.

In the medical literature, there seems to be a greater risk of brain tumor related to aspartame.

Now studies show that CJD (human variant Mad Cow) is transmittable by blood transfusions at a greater risk potential than the brain cancer risk of cell phones. Consider how many people will get a blood transfusion in their life time which begs the question why do some hospitals not give blood transfusions at all when there are better, safer treatments with out blood available? (Oh, profits, I forgot) I digress.

We daily ingest many toxins in our foods with a higher risk factor than what the phones present.

The bigger question is, what effect does the cell phone have on these and other diseases? Are there concerns beyond cell phones and brain cancer?

The most recent major studies are saying that cell phones can cause cancer in users at a rate higher than those who do not use cell phones. Although the reasons were unclear. The increase is only by 1 per-capita as of 2015. This is a change from 2008.

Older analog cell phones seem to have a higher risk potential.

The studies did conclude that due to the newness of cell phone usage, they could not rule that they are safe either.

There was no SAR dose response relationship or an increase in cancer rates with an increase in usage.

Finally, calling into question the Swedish study, there was no link to the side of the head used.

The types of cell phones and brain cancer in question were glioma or meningioma and acoustic neuroma.

Since the more recent studies seem to suggest there is no relationship between our cell phone and brain cancer, how can a person make an informed choice. If you use the common sense science approach to it…ask yourself how many people you know who have ever had brain cancer.

I am a nurse. Even if I add my patients, with an average of 10 new patients a week times 10 years, only a few had brain cancer. All except two got the cancer from metastasis of cancer in another part of their body. So, is there a connection between cell phones and brain cancer?

If thousands were getting brain cancer each year it would be noticed. It would be addressed. And in the inalienable right of life, liberty and the pursuit of law suits, changes would be made.

Here is my unscientific research on cell phone and brain cancer.

The American Cancer Society estimated that in 2008 there would be 21,810 malignant tumors of the brain or spinal cord with 11,780 in men and 10,030 in women in the United States. But that was 2008. Now in 2015, the numbers have changed.

The ACS website also stated that the chance that a person will develop a malignant tumor of the brain or spinal cord in a lifetime is less than 1% (about 1 in 150 for a man and 1 in 182 for a woman).

In 2004 research, 10,540 new male cases for brain/nervous system cancer were diagnosed in the US 2004 and 7,860 new female cases for brain/nervous system cancer in the US 2004 for a total of 18400 diagnosed cases.

A 1998 statistic of Brain & other nervous system cancers found a total of 17,400 diagnosed with 9,800 male diagnosed and 7,600 female diagnosed.

Here are the ratios of incidence per population year.

US population for 1998 270,002,000 1 in 15,000

US population for 2004 283,713,000 1 in 15,000

US population for 2008 292,928,000 1 in 13,000

Please help me correct this data if it is wrong.

That being said, there is a more insidious concern regarding this and all other electronic equipment we use. The bottom line is this: nobody knows nor will they know for years.

Since no body knows true cell phone and brain cancer relationship for a certainty, what are we left to do?

We can wait until 30 years into the future and get brain cancer and say...seeeee, I told you so...or not if we don’t get cancer. Or we can take steps to proactively manage our health in such a way as to limit exposure to those things that either are known to harm us or potentially could harm us.

One More Thing on Cell Phone and Brain Cancer

This cancer related chemical is everywhere.

There is a form of poisoning with this substance. College students are being poisoned by it every year because of misuse of it.

What does this tell us? Not to point three phones at our heads and set them all off. It also does not show what happens when just talking on a phone. Any takers?

So, what are we left to do?

The Health and Wellness Challenge

Trying to address all the potential things that could harm us could be beyond our budgetary limitations. That sounds kind of scary. It is like saying that one can not afford to be healthy.

When it comes to the question big question about cell phones and brain cancer, the answer is much easier.

How to Safely Use a Cell Phone: Limit Brain Cancer Risk

There are some cell phone and brain cancer prevention steps we can take.

  • Limit length of time using.
  • Increase distance of phone to your body by using an external antenna or head phone.
  • Make dietary changes that could potentially protect us from all types of radiation poisoning. It may require life habit changes.

We make room for that which is truly important to us. We will find a way to afford that which we really want and feel we truly need. It just so happens that there is a product that has been patented for cancer prophylaxis. That means it has the potential to help prevent you from ever getting cancer.

It just so happens it also is used in the hospital to help protect the healthy cells when radiation therapy is used to destroy cancer cells. This is a food supplement that has the effect of boosting your glutathione levels.

More importantly, it has several secondary benefits that make it an essential part of our health and wellness plan.

You can learn more about what the product is and how to get it from the manufacturer. First consider what the cancer glutathione relationship is.

Also consider how glutathione boosting cysteine is used by doctors to prevent radiation poisoning and you will see the potential cell phone and brain cancer protection.

So take the time to learn more about the benefits of glutathione and how it protects us from radiation. You will be able to use your cell phone and brain cancer will be the last thing on your mind.

How Your Glutathione Promotes Your Health

What is glutathione and what does it do? A clue, it is already in you.

The Glutathione Boosting Factors

What you can do and eat to boost your glutathione?

Cancer Glutathione Protection Connections

As new studies become available they will be posted here. So please check back to find the latest on cell phone and brain cancer.

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