The Cancer Glutathione Connection

Is there a Cancer Glutathione Connection? Can glutathione play a role in treating or preventing cancer? Can building glutathione play a part in alternative cancer treatment or complimentary medicine?

There is a large body of research on this question. The answers are fascinating. First, never undertake self diagnosis or self treatment with out consulting you doctor. This is especially true if you are currently on medication.

Some natural treatments are contraindicated for certain conditions.

Second, many have strong opinions about alternative or complimentary medicine vs traditional medicine. Although there is no high level study that compares the two, anecdotal evidence seems to indicate they are equally successful.

For instance with breast cancer, my local hospital has an 80% success compared to a local apothecary who has an 83% success.

There are doctors who combine alternative with traditional medicine. They may be hard to find depending on where you are. They do exist. If you want to do alternative medicine you have an option. Many choose to have the benefits of a medical practitioner knowledgeable and experienced with both modalities.

Questions to Consider

  • What is Cancer?
  • What is the biology of Cancer?
  • What causes Cancer?
  • What are on the Job Radiation exposure Cancer Risks?
  • Do Cell phones cause Brain Cancer?
  • What are Alternative Cancer Treatments? Are they safe?
  • What are Complimentary Medicine and Natural Medicine Treatments?
  • What is Low CG Syndrome?
  • What is Your Glutathione Level?
  • What is the Relationship of Nutrition to Cancer?
  • Is it possible to enhance Medical and Alternative Treatments?
  • Topics for Future Research

    Here are some topics for further research and I hope to in the future provide additional information on. If any disease connections are not mentioned here that you would like research on, please feel free to contact me.

  • the Carcinogen Glutathione Connection
  • Lung Cancer and Glutathione Connection
  • Prostate Cancer and Glutathione Connection
  • Skin Cancer Glutathione Connection
  • Cancer Related Wasting and Glutathione
  • Cancer Prevention and Glutathione
  • Cancer Prevention and Diet
  • Can You Boost Your Glutathione
  • Chemotherapy and Glutathione (an often misunderstood paradox)
  • Radiation Therapy and Glutathione
  • Types of Cancer

  • Glioma What is the GSH connection?
  • By getting a thorough understanding of these topics will enable you to become an educated consumer of the health care services available in your locality.

    It is hoped these will also help you become a more compliant patient. Tens of thousands are turning 50 each day of the year. Many of these are becoming more proactive in their health.

    The most basic healthy lifestyle requires a balanced diet, adequate rest, exercise, and mental stimulation. If we are in a high risk category for cancer, additional dietary precautions can be implemented.

    Other Treatments

    Focused Ultrasound and GSH

    GlutathioneDiseaseCure: The Cancer Glutathione Resource

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