Glutathione and Anti-Aging

To facilitate anti-aging requires understanding aging. With this knowledge making the changes in life style and diet that can enhance the anti aging process. For the sake of clarity, anti-aging in reality is aging management.


In health care, Aging or aging in the human body refers to the deterioration of the body the longer we live.

There are two types. One type can be managed with diet and aging management.

Diseases of Aging Some diseases of aging are preventable and in a fashion, reversible to a point. There are several diseases. Do you know what these diseases of aging are?

Weight Gain Drugs have the nasty side effect of causing weight gain. They seem to be associated with aging. Can they be avoided? If so, How? First, learn what they are.

There are social, cognitive, cultural, and economic effects that result from and are effects of aging. These can affect the way we live our lives, the quality of life we have and the way society views us. One of the ways we care for aging include anti-aging treatments.

The Most Common Causes of Fatigue provides an overview of one of the side effects of aging, being tired. Aging may not be the cause of fatigue though.

The aging population is an important issue in many nations, especially those North of the equator. Thus, age has in influence on the functioning of the society we live in.

In science and biology, aging is divided into cellular and organism aging.

The aging of an organism is is often noted by the declining ability to respond to stress, increased imbalanced homeostasis and increased risk of disease. Some researchers are treating aging as disease. As such, it is considered treatable.

Anti-Aging Care

The Wellness Triangle looks at the three aspects of our health. All three need to be cared for in balance to maintain optimal health.

Seven Healthy Habits will get you started toward you personal best health and wellness.

Osteoarthritis Pain Cure Do you know the dangers of traditional pain management of this aging related health problem? Do you know the GSH relationship?

Skin Care is the most visible aspect of preventing the look of aging that we can take care of.

Problem Skin: What will glutathione do to help? Actual experience with pictures.

A Close Shave is a related aspect of skin care. You might enjoy the information found on another site about how to get a close shave and avoid nicks. More importantly, how to maintain a youthful look by caring for your skin.

The primary areas of anti-aging care are related to body systems. Most are cared for by botanicals, nutricuticals, herbs, vitamins, and sometimes natural creams and oils.

The body systems include but are not limited to...


Numerous anti-aging skin creams are available on the market. They are created to decrease wrinkles, remove age spots, and even promote wound healing.

Eyes and Vision

Occasionally preparations are advertised that promise to reduce age related visual problems. Most are a combination of vitamins and minerals that are essential to visual health. One program offers exercises for the ocular muscles with the claim it will improve vision.


One of the concerns of anti aging is hair loss. It is also affecting children. There is a glutathione connection. Natural Cure for Alopecia / Hair Loss involves boosting glutathione and white iodine painted on the scalp.

Cogitative Functioning

Numerous products are on the market that promote enhanced memory and clearer thinking. There is a potential danger with some preparations as they have potentially dangerous combinations of herbal preparations depending on health conditions.


Various types of energy drinks are on the market. Many contain mixtures that could be dangerous for some depending on medical conditions. Since these are not always regulated, some make claims to ingredients that are found to be inaccurate in independent testing.


Perhaps one of the most common anti aging compounds around is Calcium. Beware, not all are created equal. Some have the bio-absorbability of limestone. Even worse, independent lab testing have demonstrated they have higher than industry acceptable levels of heavy metals and other elements.

The best source of calcium is from vegetarian cows. Ok, your thinking all cows are vegetarian. Well, that is not true. The mad cow disease came from feeding livestock feed that contained protein from animal meat. Vegetarian cows are not known to be at risk.

Prostate in Men

Very common herbal preparations are available that help prevent prostate problems as men age.

Breast Care

Continued research and emerging tests and treatments are centered around maintaining breast health for women.

Female Reproductive Organs

Much controversy has surrounded the way some in the medical profession have dealt with women on this area of their anatomy. Further controversy has come in recent years regarding hormone replacement therapy.

Sexual Function

Herbal and medical preparations for both men and women have inundated the marketplace. There are some side effects of the medical treatment that are both uncomfortable and potentially dangerous.

Tooth Implants

Perhaps not traditionally thought of as an anti-aging treatment, it is a cosmetic treatment that cares for an age old problem. There is a little known risk that could be life threatening. Before going this route, you should be well informed?

Diet has been shown to play a large role in the anti aging promotion. Dietary intake is considered in a number of ways including nutrient intake, quantity of intake and toxic exposure (such as pesticides and carcinogenic effects of burnt food).

Warning...Do not try this on your pet laboratory mice unless under the supervision of a scientist.

By restricting caloric intake in your lab mice by 30-50% less than typical intake you can increase life span by 50%. Studies at the US National Institute of Health are suggesting the same could be true for humans. The study was done on Rhesus monkeys although the research was not conclusive. ( was suggesting, not saying it is so.)

Please note... there are several ways to spell this topic should you want to do a search on it. Depending if your on the web or printed page, you may find... anti aging, anti-aging, anti-aging, anti-aging treatment, aging treatment.

Of all treatments, glutathione can play a role in each and every type of anti aging treatment. In some it will enhance the treatment. In others, it can prevent potentially dangerous side effects and risks associated with anti aging treatments.

Impact of Aging on Health Care Demand

The beginning of the 21st Century ushered in the beginning of the baby boomer generation entering retirement age. When considered as a market demographic, the top concerns are health care, access to health care, anti-aging and health and wellness.

The average age of North American Nurses is comparable to the top end of the median age of the North American Population. In the next 10 to 15 years a significant number of these will be retiring.

At the same time, many of this same group are becoming more proactive in their own health care. Many are taking responsibility for their own health and wellness.

Effects of Aging on Health

Cognitive Effects

Beginning in the thirties is point in the aging process when it is typical to experience cognitive declines. However it is possible to maintain normal cognitive function into old age. Many elderly have memories as sharp or even sharper than their younger counterparts.

Semantic or general knowledge memory including vocabulary and definitions remain steady or even increase.

Emotional Effects

Aging typically produces and improvement in emotional intelligence. This is because with age we typically are better able to manage and regulate our emotions. The exception is usually related to health and wellness deficiencies, disease states, or prolonged stress.

Successful Aging

The Golden Years have been termed "successful aging" as early as the 1950s and was popularized in the late 80s. The terminology has sparked a debate as to what is “normal aging" which would have a high risk of illness and "successful aging" with low risk of disability and high cognitive and physical functioning.

Successful aging would consist of three components:
1. Low probability of disease or disability
2. High mental and physical function capacity
3. Active engagement with life
Alternatively, terms such as "healthy aging," "optimal aging" have been proposed.

Theories of Aging

Activity Theory The more active people are the more likely they will be happy.

Continuity Theory With aging people will tend to maintain the same habits, personalities, and life style that they have developed in earlier years.

Biological Theories

Wear-and-Tear theory Aging associated changes are the result of chance damage accumulating over time.

Accumulative-Waste Theory The buildup in cells of waste products that presumably interferes with metabolism.

Autoimmune Theory Aging results from gradual decline of the body’s autoimmune system.

Cross-Linkage Theory Aging results from accumulation of cross-linked compounds interfering with normal cell function.

Free-Radical Theory Free radicals (unstable and highly reactive organic molecules) cause cell damage that results in symptoms we associate with aging.

Cellular Theory Aging can be explained by structural and functional changes in the cells of an organism.

Here are some anti aging notes you might enjoy...

Aging by any other name is...

Ages can also be divided by decade:

  • Denarian: someone between 10 and 19 years old
  • Vicenarian: someone between 20 and 29 years old
  • Tricenarian: someone between 30 and 39 years old
  • Quadragenarian: someone between 40 and 49 years old
  • Quinquagenarian: someone between 50 and 59 years old
  • Sexagenarian: someone between 60 and 69 years old
  • Septuagenarian: someone between 70 and 79 years old
  • Octogenarian: someone between 80 and 89 years old
  • Nonagenarian: someone between 90 and 99 years old
  • Centenarian: someone between 100 and 109 years old
  • Supercentenarian: someone over 110 years old

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