The Alzheimers Disease Symptom

It is easy to confuse the Alzheimers disease symptom of memory loss with age related memory loss. Don't immediately conclude that because you cannot remember that you may have AD.

Forgetfulness is only one of many facets of AD.

More importantly, the Alzheimers disease symptom could be mistaken for a serious medical emergency that needs prompt attention. Do you detect a common thread that will be running through out this information?

You Need To See a Doctor Either Way

Forgetfulness could be brought on by new medications or an old medicine that has been taken for some time, like Benadryl. It can also come from a lack of sleep, stress, low blood sugar, or a number of other health challenges.

The symptoms fall under the category's of cognitive, non-cognitive, and social. This page will only be looking at the cognitive Alzheimers disease symptom.

Cognitive Challenges

Cognition relates to the brain function of thinking, speaking, reasoning, understanding, remembering, planning, and demonstrating good judgment.

Forgetfulness by Definition

Difficulty remembering things that were known, difficulty recalling newly learned information, difficulty retaining information are all labeled, forgetfulness.

Note...Your memory may not be as bad as you think. It may just be untrained. I have worked with a number of clients up into their 70's who were surprised at how good their memories were with a little training. As an example, consider how you can learn to Read and Remember.

Also a series of mini strokes could, if found and treated, prevent further memory loss.

Lumbering with the Language

Challenges with finding the right words and similar sounding words or limited ability to create coherent sentences, nonsensical speech and challenges understanding the spoken word are also indicators of Alzheimers disease.

These could also be red flags for other conditions. If you or a dear loved one suddenly have an onset of these symptoms, you need to get them to the nearest emergency department. These are also signs of a Brain Attack or Stroke.

One friend told of how his boss started using profanity. In the over 25 years he had worked with the man, never once had he so much as uttered even the mildest of swear words. The friend recognized it as a possible stroke and the man was taken to the hospital in time to get a clot busting drug that saved his cognitive ability.

Disorientation Difficulty

Often AD patients I have seen as a nurse will know who they are. We will say they are oriented to person. They may not be oriented to place and time. They may not know where they are or may get lost in familiar places. Time of day, time of year and so forth may be difficult to recall.

Don't confuse AD with Sundown Syndrome.

Note Sundowning or Sundown Syndrome occurs with some kinds of dementia's. It is estimated to happen with 45% of Alzheimers Disease patients. However, patients who have mental functions in tact can also experience this confusion. It is seen when there is an injury such as a broken hip or when narcotics are given to help with the pain.

When the sun goes down, in the dark of the evening they will forget who they are, have mood swings, become demanding, easily get upset, become suspicious or become disoriented. They return to normal in the morning.

Organizing Shmorganizing

The inability to organize or plan likewise is one of the Alzheimers disease symptoms. If in possession of more than one watch, all may be worn due to forgetting or recognizing that the other one is already on the wrist. It is not uncommon to see three watches on an arm.

You might ask, don't they see the first when they start to put on the second? That is how debilitating the disease is.

Likewise groceries may go in the trash and trash in the refrigerator. Stoves and other cooking devices can pose major health concerns for AD victims.

Things like making change in a restaurant for the tip, lets say taking the amount of the 6% tax x 3 =18% tip, (some of us have trouble with this and definitely don't have AD!)following plans, working toward goals, even controlling impulses are thought processes of the brain that can be affected in the person with AD.

Current thinking is that memory related changes in AD patients start decades before the onset of Alzheimer's. This is good to know. This makes it something that can be treated early, today.

In the memory loss department, remember it is a slow and steady progression of lost memories. It will be little things at first. It will keep slowly progressing. It is important that a health care professional see your loved one to get a proper work up and most importantly a proper diagnosis.

The Alzheimers disease symptom is only one consideration in coming to a diagnoses. There are other parts that need to be considered. More importantly, there is an association with the Alzheimers disease early symptom and a lack of Glutathione in the brain.

Emerging evidence suggests that a bacteria called a spirochete could be the problem. This is good news because there is a natural treatment that can hlep reduce the mental degeneration.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that boosting your Glutathione could slow down the progression.

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