Alzheimers Disease Prevention

Simple Dietary Changes

In the section, How to Prevent Alzheimers the research showed that high carbohydrate diets are associated with Alzheimers.

Additionally, the gene associated with the disease is rare in people who have a agricultural related life stye.

What We Know About Preventing Alzheimer Disease

We know that the body can repair DNA. The possibility exists that the DNA can rewrite itself. Just as scientist create genetically modified crops, our body may be able to rewrite its DNA.

So, whether it is to heal or recode, making changes today may make it possible to improve your health.

The study quoted indicated that dietary changes may effectively prevent Alzheimer's disease. Since there are so many different types of dementia, the only way to know someone truly has Alzheimer's disease is by autopsy.

So when the study says diet can help, in reality, it can potentially help with all types of dementia.

So what is the diet?

The Alzheimers Disease Prevention Diet

The answer is simple. It is a raw food diet. Not necessarily vegetarian. Rather at least 50% raw food and otherwise, do eat processed foods. Avoid them like the plague.

Especially avoid sugars and starches.

Additionally, avoid MSG, Fluoride in the drinking water and artificial sweeteners.

One more thing to add for 2011. Avoid any Round Up Ready crop or GMO’s as they are commonly called. This is not only important for your health but the health of the world. Studies show that the pesticides end up in the foods. Pesticides on the outside can be cleaned off. Once they are in the food, they will end up in your body.

More on GMO’s

But it is a pain to eat a raw food diet, you may say.

The choice is yours. Enjoy yourself now and pay later. Pay now and enjoy your investment in your health later.

The most important decision in life you can make is the decision about what is most important.

The second most important decision you can make is to do it.

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