PRK Eye Healing
Improving the Healing Time Outcomes

PRK eye healing times can be varied. Initial healing is 2 to 4 days. Vision improvements will be noted over a two to four week period. Some complications clear up after 9 months.

Some of the complications include:

  • Post-PRK dry eyes
  • Glare and halos surrounding lights (especially at night)
  • Difficulty seeing in low-light situations

Improving the Delayed Healing Healing Time

PRK surgery involves the removal of the outer layer of the cornea as part of the procedure. This results in an increased healing time for the eye. During the recovery there may be pain until the epithelial cells heal.

Other Complications

Additional PRK complications include an increased sensitivity to light and the development of corneal haze. Corneal haze is a gray-white opacity that develops where the cornea was reshaped. In most cases, the haze will disappear within nine months; however, some occurrences of corneal haze do not disappear.

The Glutathione Connection

It may be possible to improve PRK outcomes. A recent study found that by using oral cysteine, which boosts intercellular glutathione, it was found to shorten the healing time.

There are other benefits associated that were not addressed in the study like infection prevention. The benefits are numerous.

The Study: The Role of Cysteine in Corneal Wound Healing "showed that oral cysteine supplementation, in a daily dose of 200 mg, reduces mean corneal wound healing time in patients after PRK."

If this is true for the L cysteine they used, what would happen if they used cysteine that is in it’s purest form and clinically found to boost your glutathione more than the typical type found in most nutrition stores?

The results could be even better. A secondary lesson here, boosting glutathione could help in the healing of eye injury.

This is because our eyes is one of the places where glutathione is especially effective.

Glutathione and the Eyes

How to Boost your Glutathione

Glutathione Disease Cure: The PRK Eye Healing Resource

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