AIDS and Glutathione

Can It Decrease Viral Load?

Do you know what the AIDS and Glutathione connection is?

AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It is a number of infections and symptoms that are the result of damage to the immune system. It is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). As the condition advances, affected individuals are increasingly at risk for opportunistic infections and tumor growth.

Treatments traditionally focus on slowing the progression of the disease. There is no known cure.

Transmissions comes from direct contact with body fluid infected with HIV and a mucous membrane or the circulatory system.

Exposure can also come from accidental exposure to these fluids through open wounds and needle sticks. This could include blood, semen, vaginal fluid, and breast milk to name a few.

Once infected, it can take take 3 to 6 months to seroconvert or serovert so that a positive test would result.

    Note...Several years ago there were four instances of blood transfused AIDS reported in the news. It is possible these were examples of the infection slipping through the screening process?

    There are over 35 diseases that can be transmitted by blood transfusions, many of which there are no screens for, all of which are deadly.

    It should also be noted that all medical procedures can be preformed by a modality known as Bloodless Medicine and Surgery and totally eliminate this risk. This is only available by trained and experienced health care professionals.

    This is medical and surgical treatment with out any blood transfusions. Even Liver transplants, which can take as many as 50 units of blood are not only successful, but studies indicate the outcomes are better, lower morbidity, lower mortality, shorter hospital stays and decreased cost. Oh yeh, and no risk of blood borne pathogen’s.

AIDS is the name given to the condition (a number of infections and symptoms) that is the result of exposure to HIV. HIV, a variable retrovirus, is the generic name given to what are actually different strains of the virus. It infects parts of the immune system such as the CD4+ T cells (a type of T cell), macrophages and dendrite cells.

    There are three types of T Cells. Killer, Helper and Suppressor T Cells. It is the Helper T cells that get killed. These are like the Signal Corp of the Navy within our body. They signal other White blood cells so that the invaders can be destroyed.

When HIV kills the CD4+ T, the body is now not prepared to fight other infections that would not affect otherwise healthy individuals.

It is generally accepted that there is no cure and that no one treatment works alone. Thus a cocktail of a combination of treatments is how most fight the disease.

When HIV is active, the glutathione levels fall, sometimes as low as 30% of normal. This is key to understanding the AIDS and Glutathione connection.

Historically, without therapy, HIV progresses to AIDS within a mean of about 10 years time, as fast as weeks and as long as two decades.

Of the many factors that affect individuals is the infected person’s general immune function.

Note... If this is true, what would happen if a person was to boost their immune function? Studies have produced telling results. This is an important aspect to understanding the AIDS and Glutathione connection.

The AIDS Treatment

There is no cure at this time. Treatment falls into three categories.

Post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) is given directly after a significant exposure such as an accidental needle stick by a nurse.

Those who have been diagnosed with HIV (usually found months after infection) are treated with an antiretroviral cocktail.

And the third method of treatment is alternative or complimentary medicine.

The AIDS and Glutathione Connection

Many alternative or complimentary methods of treating AIDS and HIV infections have entered the health care arena. Along with these have come urban legends and conspiracy theories that make the Lone Gunman Theory look like a kids story.

Alternative or complimentary medicine modalities include massage, stress management, herbal and flower remedies, acupuncture. Some use these in conjunction with traditional treatments. There have been no high level studies that show the effectiveness of these alternative methods of treatment.

One therapy that is in the middle between traditional medicine and complimentary is vitamins and minerals. Supplements have been associated with reduction of the progression of the disease.

This is notable as many vitamins and minerals are either co-factors of glutathione or work better with it.

The AIDS and Glutathione Questions to ask...

What is the connection between Glutathione and HIV?

What is the AIDS and Glutathione connection?

What are the studies saying about the relationship?

What would happen if the GSH was elevated in the body?

Can diet have on slowing the progression of the disease?

Does increasing Glutathione decrease viral load?

    If the Glutathione levels are decreased to 30%, then what would happen if the body were to get a boost in the building blocks of glutathione and the precursor vitamin and minerals?

What would happen to the opportunistic diseases if GSH was elevated?

To be clear, it must be understood that there is no cure for AIDS at this time. There is no cure for HIV at this time. The remarkable outcomes and studies you will be reading here do not suggest there is a cure. They only point to the power of helping the body help its self.

AIDS and glutathione, HIV AIDS, human immunodeficiency virus, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, all of these will some day be a thing of the past.

Until then more research needs to be done on the AIDS and glutathione connection.

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