Will It Work For You?

Melatonin is a natural hormone with antioxidant properties. Produced in abundance in our youth, it declines with age. The good news, it can be added by a tasty dietary change.

Melatonin is made inside the pineal gland inside our brain. It is most commonly associated as a sleep aid.

Actually it works for the regulation of sleep wake cycles, a treatment for insomnia, and sleep disturbances. It is also used for the treatment of jet lag.

Additionally it is a powerful anti-aging hormone, protection from Alzheimer’s, some headaches, cancer prevention, cancer therapy, and it may regulate other hormones that promote certain types of cancer growth. It is thought to be especially effective in cancer fighting in male and female reproductive organs.

It is also involved in the regulation of estrogen and testosterone.

It is an especially powerful antioxidant.

It boosts glutathione levels

It raises glutathione levels in the liver, muscle, blood serum, and especially the brain. This means it has an extra benefit to protect the brain during sleep.

Additionally it is a Cox enzyme inhibitor. The cox enzyme is the discomfort thing you feel when you work out or are otherwise feeling sore. Want to eliminate the soreness? Then get the bodies natural treatment for the elimination of that kind of pain.

Here is the problem. Response varies from person to person. The long term effects are not known. Some will build a resistance to it in time.

To prevent potential problems, get yours from food. There are few long term negative effects from eating a healthy and balanced diet.

Dietary Sources

From least to most content, here are the foods.

Red Grapes





Canned Tart Cherries

Frozen Tart Cherries




Dried Tart Cherries

And the winner...winner with almost 24 times that of red grapes, six times that of blueberries and double that of dried tart cherries is Tart Montmorency Cherry Juice Concentrate.

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